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Photos and Football

Lately my Saturdays have consisted of two things.

Photo shoots and football! Both things that make me very happy. (Although football would be much better if my Vols would be putting out a better performance but that is a discussion for another time!)

Anyway…I have had two comments today about my blog which encouraged me to blog tonight even though I really wanted to stay sitting on my warm couch reading other peoples blogs from my smart phone. First my kids swim teacher said “I read your blog last night and I love it and think it is hilarious!” Obviously I love this comment because I love for people to read the blog and I love when people think I am funny. Because I am really not that funny but I try to be Smile. The next comment not so great. My wonderful friend Lindsay was telling me about a trick she learned on pinterest and said “you could totally blog about that, well if you still did your blog.” (I still love you Lindsay and was very thankful for the comment) I was very happy she said that because the truth is that I love my blog. I have written numerous times over the last few months how much I miss blogging but still have trouble finding time/motivation after the kids go to bed to sit down and write something worth reading. Well today I found that motivation and hope to keep finding it everyday! (Seriously Lindsay and Kelly, thank you for the motivation, you both rock!)

So, back to photo shoots and football.

I had two awesome shoots on Saturday. Other than being cold I am pretty sure it was the perfect day outside and the colors on the trees were amazing. I am trying to work on learning about lighting and posing/positioning those I am taking the photos of and I know that I will get better with it in time. So for now those are my focuses when I go into a shoot.

Here are a couple shots from Saturday.

I happen to love this picture. I am pretty sure Shane and baby Avyn must be looking at a big truck or something that caught their attention!

IMG_6696 copy

This is my favorite picture from Saturday! Between Avyn’s amazing blue eyes and the yellow leaves on the wrong I don’t think it could get much better!

IMG_6428 copy

Saturday was the first photo shoot I have done of kids (other than babies are toddlers) and I learned quickly that it is a completely different ballgame. I think babies are fairly easy because they are constantly finding ways to amuse themselves and get the cutest looks on their faces. Older kids are different and I definitely have to photograph them from a different approach.

Cole and Kinsley

IMG_6244 copy


Saturday evening we had some friends over to watch the Tennessee game. Well, the guys watched the game, the babies played and the girls discussed all things pinterest (SO ADDICTING!)

With football obviously comes good food. And in Saturdays case included Lindsay’s chicken enchiladas.


Basically chicken cooked in mexican seasoning, wrapped in tortillas (we did half flour half corn) and topped with cheese dip. Pretty much heaven on a plate!

Baked in the oven for ten minutes on 350 and 2-4 minutes on broil.

I also made a double batch of Gluten Free Girl’s yum yum peanut butter cookies. Warning: If you make these and they are in your kitchen you will eat every single one of them!


And please ignore the half eaten tortilla…I’m not sure how that got there…

So, there was my Saturday in a nutshell..

Maybe I will be back tomorrow to fill you in on today…Smile

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